Malta & McConnelsville
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Malta & McConnelsville Fire Department
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Circa: 1950's
Truck 4 at Morgan County Fair
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Members in 1946
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Truck 1 in 1941
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Members in 1962
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The Malta & McConnelsville Fire Department (M&M) was
founded in 1930 with a hose cart and ladder  
McConnelsville purchased a Model A motorized fire truck, it
was equipped with two (2) 35-gallon pressure water tanks
including a hose reel for each tank. On March 31, 1930 a
meeting was organized by Mayor Ed Shafer, and a group of
eleven (11) men formed the beginning of the Malta &
McConnelsville Fire Department. The men met in a small
building behind the court house. More men were added
over the next several weeks. A siren was purchased a year
later that replaced the "tolling of the bell" of the Court
House clock. Funds were received from dances, saving tax
stamps, festivals, bake sales, cistern cleaning, steak fries,
donations, and contracts.
With the Depression Years behind them things looked up
for the department. In 1941 a new truck was purchased with
the old Model A being traded in. the world including for the
department. Regular fire either were drafted or volunteered
for the war, so in September 1942 an auxiliary was formed.
1946 a new 500 gallon front mount pumper was purchased.
The Village turned over all its equipment to the
McConnelsville Fire Department (as it was know then) and
subsequently became the Malta & McConnelsville
Volunteer Fire Department.
In 1953 the department took delivery of its first rescue
pumper which had a front mount pump and carried a
resuscitator and other first aid equipment. February 1957
saw the department first aerial quint (pumper-ladder
combination) at a cost of $30,000.00.
A new 750GPM (gallon per minute) front mount 1962 a new
building was built at its present location on Fourth Street
and new radios installed in all apparatus. Membership
increased from 25 to 30 members and in 1969 a committee
was formed to look at purchasing a new 1000GPM pumper.
A call for help came from Gallipolis for the Silver Bridge
disaster and to a large fire in Logan, Ohio. The M&M Fire
Department has never turned down a call for help.
A new 1000GPM pumper was delivered which saw a first of
for the area in the form of a 21/2" "blitz line". 1972 the
department bid on and received a contract from the county
Commissioners to provide the county ambulance service. A
building was added on to the department to house the men
and equipment. With paid personnel, and backup from the
volunteers, the service has proven to be superior to the
public. 1977 saw delivery of a new 1500GPM custom
pumper, 1978 saw delivery of the Hurst tool (Jaws of Life),
and 1979 saw another extension added on to the
department in the form of meeting room and offices.
A new phone system was installed in the department, 1982
air bags were purchased and  the first EMS levy was
passed by the citizens. 1983 a 4-wheel drive Chevrolet
pumper was purchased.
A larger boat was added in 1991. 1992 saw a new Rescue
3 being purchased. 1994 saw a second story added to the
building at a cost of $300,000.00, and in 1998 the
department went to a Class 3 ISO rating after many years
of planning.
The 21st century has seen so far the department receiving
three FEMA Grants (Assistance to training burn building,
three story training tower, and turnout gear for the
firefighters. A new 2500 gallon Engine/Pumper with Cass
Air Foam System, a new Rescue 3, and a new portable
rescue boat.
Past Chief's
Russell Ashton
Frank Howard
Carl Scott
Carl Warne
Frank Bragg
Howard Conkle
Putnam Bragg
Dorsel Kincaid
Terry Bragg
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